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Five Basic SEO Rules - The Neon Tree Blog

SEO is a popular buzzword for every agency in Mumbai, brands and startups all over India. It’s what marketers talk about, it’s what brands expect their sites to be equipped with and it’s what SEO companies in India expect to excel in, and rightfully so. Some say it’s an exact science while others constant talk about how rules shift and change.

The latter is definitely true, effective SEO principles have shifted over the past few years. At The Neon Tree, we take pride in keeping up to date with the best SEO practices so we can help you stay competitive, even when the SEO landscape constantly fluctuates. So whether you’re interested in driving traffic to your site or e-commerce, here are five tips you’d want to know:

1) Intent is now important:
Previously, it was the exact keyword that resulted in a click. Now, Google and other search engines are interested in the how – how people interact with your site. Are they finding answers they’re looking for on your site? So not only does the click matter, but also the post-click activity. This basically means you have to satisfy user intention.

2) The concepts of keywords:
Using correct keywords in the meta description and body copy used to be the one cardinal SEO rule. That rule has been a bit bent of late. Google now has the ability to interpret meaning. If you want to be known as the “best bakery in Khar”, it used to be important to repeat the phrase. Now, you can talk about genuinely about bakeries and pastry and food in Khar and Google will be able to pick up on this semantic meaning. In fact such synonyms and related keywords to just “best bakery” will be qualify your piece as a better article. In terms of best keywords, stick to three, four or five-word queries, i.e. long tail keywords – the volume of search queries maybe low, but the upshot is when you rank, you get quality traffic which doesn’t inflate your bounce rate or referral hits.

3) UX:
Google is updating it’s algorithms like nobody’s business. Every change however is searched on the audience, and how to better the user experience. A good tip for SEO Agencies in Mumbai and around India (and the world) is to focus on creating the best content out there for the specific topic. If you can prioritize giving value to your audience, that’s setting yourself up for advantages.

4) Size does matter:
Gone are the days where 300 word articles was considered substantial. The sweet spot is to now aim for 1,200 to 1,500 words; this is obviously quite long and takes preparation, but we promise it will help! Longer articles are now known to get more traffic, and they are being ranked higher in SEO. For easy user consumption (remember, it’s all about that) segregate content with bullet points, photos and sub headings.

5) Mobile & images:
It’s all happening on your iPhones and Androids. This means, anything you create or produce should be easily viewed through the phone. This also includes making sure you can search for your content via mobile. As for images, stay away from stock photos – they are pretty pointless. Invest in unique personalized images – they’ll do more to attract attention. Create unique content, and tag it. Images, videos or just text based articles, being unique – makes you stand out, even in the eyes of Google.

So to sum up our SEO talk, make sure you focus on the audience. Produce content that adds value, and present it in a way you’d be happy to receive – this will automatically help with SEO and traffic.

Best of luck!

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