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Google Display Network, The Lowdown - The Neon Tree Blog


If all ads could be as attention grabbing as the crossroads at Times Square in New York City. We’re here to help ease your media purchasing pain, a little. Google Display Network (GDN) is becoming increasingly popular. In the form of banner ads, videos, animations or texts on sites that are part of the network. It all began with banners and were used for two types of ads. The first was traditional display targeted ads and the second was remarketing. Both of these categories follow strict specifications and as one of Mumbai’s best digital marketing agency, we have some valuable tips you’ll want to keep in mind while trying to maximize your next media purchase.


If you’re creating static banner ads, make sure they are either in .jpeg, .jpg, .png, and .gif formats. The image files need to be under 150KB. Here are some common sizes to stick to:



Make sure your message is concise. The Facebook rule of text vs image being 20% is also a good rule; visuals are powerful so let images do the talking. Your message does need to include an advantage, sale, etc. depending on your target.


All banners should include a call to action, no exceptions. You want to give users an ability to visit your site, or take the next step, whatever it may be. Instead of the generic “Click Here”, tell your users what will happen if they click. Include a button


The banner should continue the story, and have design similarity to the landing page. You’ll want to demonstrate some commonalities between these two, so users will be sure they landed in a correct place upon clicking. Google offers AdWords Ad Gallery, a built in tool that allows you to design and develop your own banner ads – handy for those who may not have this resource on their own team.

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