LinkedIn boosters for marketers

LinkedIn Boosters for Marketers - The Neon Tree Blog

Smaller companies, busy business owners and growing start ups often come to our digital agency in Mumbai seeking social media help. They say it’s tough to establish themselves as industry influencers and stick out from the crowd. Not only are they pressed for time, but sometimes the social media strategy they do have in plan just is not taking off. Good news is, we’re here to help share our knowledge; let’s start with LinkedIn. Here are four great tips to follow.

1) Engage: Get a LinkedIn page, for starters. Make sure you connect with coworkers and friends. Follow influencers, and also join relevant groups. Next, stay active. This means, constantly update your page with articles, comment on others’ activities, start group discussions and interact with people’s updates.

2) Endorsements & Recommendations: The more, the better. How do you get these? Make sure your skill section is up to date. LinkedIn will prompt your connections to endorse you. Profiles that have multiple endorsements for a particular skill makes you look credible, and like an expert! As for recommendations, make sure you get the ball rolling by giving recommendations. Once you’re done, LinkedIn will ask the person you recommended if they’d like to send you a thank you note, or reciprocate. Now’s when you should reach out personally to these folks; tell them that you’d appreciate a blurb, point out what you’d like them to highlight, and wait for the recommendation to come rolling in!

3) Summary: The summary on your profile is extremely important. It is pretty much the bait that lures people to your profile. Make it catchy, professional and does a great job and summing you up.

So whether you work at an ecommerce company or deal with media planning, LinkedIn is a networking platform you should definitely make your presence known on. Keep your profile relevant, professional and up to date. You are after all, your greatest product.

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