The importance of fresh eyes in digital

The Importance of Fresh Eyes in Digital - The Neon Tree Blog

Let’s say you have a beautiful look that your design team has worked around the clock on. It’s powerful and captures your vibe and frankly, you’re close to deadline.

Should you STILL get someone new who’s never worked on the specific project or never seen the project at this mature stage to go over the look? Most definitely. The main reason is this: the longer you work on a product or design, the more knowledgeable you become about how the system takes place or what went into the project. You have “behind the scenes” information of how it works and feels – this pushes you away from viewing the product like an audience would. And it’s extremely important to stay connected to the audience’s viewpoint and experience; They are, after all the people that will be consuming your product. This “fresh eyes” practice of getting someone new to review your work is so mandatory, we do it ourselves every single time – it’s a responsible digital marketing agency practice.


So whether you’re a web design agency in Mumbai, an app developer, focusing on user experience or a graphic designer, take note. Here’s why a pair of fresh eyes to audit your work for is paramount:

1) Sharing helps: A single Design Lead should not be the only person for the final look and feel of a product. Leveraging the talent of the whole design team, especially when they have not experienced the product in it’s final stages, gives you the opportunity to get a third perspective on something you’re so used to seeing. Diving up such opportunity will allow the workflow to run, and reduce the need for a gatekeeper, responsible for everything

2) Exposure: Human error is obviously common. It’s easy to miss what’s being worked on by another team. It’s also possible you’ve missed out on a new requirement or deadline. Getting people involved from different teams just means you will have equal and easy access to work that’s being done outside your team or get caught up on something you’ve missed. Another good tip for digital marketing agencies in Mumbai!

3) Fostering of communication: Communication isn’t just mandatory for marketing or PR, but it’s also extremely important for designers and developers. Regardless of how amazing your design portfolio, if you cannot put into words your ideas and vision for your clients, peers or stakeholders, your talent almost cannot be fully realized, and your growth stunted. We’ve unfortunately seen this one too many times at web design agencies in Mumbai. Getting a pair of fresh eyes will allow talented designers to practice explaining their concepts and reasoning, and give them a platform to articulate, present and defend their work.

4) Feedback is a good thing: Feedback is sometimes difficult, no doubt. It’s not easy to hear of how you need to improve and it’s often unpleasant to tell someone they need to do things different. But giving feedback is good practice – it allows you to express yourself in a way that will be constructive for the receiver. Of course, the content of what you’re saying could be beneficial, too!

So whether you’re designing a site, building out an app, working on a website user interface or anything in between, we encourage you to employ fresh eyes to give you a different perspective which could really boost your end product.

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