6th Avenue

The Hottest Destination For Fresh Multicultural Faces

6th Avenue is a modelling agency run by a team of professional models turned agents operating in New Delhi. The team needed a dynamic backend to generate catalogues to be shared with prospective clients.

Look Good. Load Fast.

TNT created the 6th Avenue site as an interactive catalogue of the model portfolios. Driven by visuals, the site employs media queries and asset optimization techniques to reduce load times and deliver a seamless user experience across devices. Keeping mind latest web trends and user behaviour across popular social media platforms, the homepage constitutes a long scroll blog format for content consumption where the content loads only on scrolling giving it a pull function and reducing load time.

After a detailed planning exercise and understanding the modelling business, TNT crafted a solution where visitors can check ‘models in town’ – highlighting availability, shortlist, post an enquiry and also generate the model comp cards through the website.

TNT created a bespoke CMS system that allowed the models to upload their comp cards through an admin panel. The system then ran the images by a compression algorithm that optimized the content from a website perspective, saving the client hours that’d usually spend editing the assets.


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