Sonera Jhaveri

Of Psychodynamics & Cognitive Behavior

Renowned psyche-therapist Sonera Jhaveri who practices at Nanavati Hospital, Mumbai was looking at the web to reach out to a wider set of people and introduce her ‘Ken Wilbur’ inspired approach to Psyche Therapy.

Using Design To Create A Peaceful Experience

Given that a counsellor deals with very personal and complex issues, TNT created the website as a holistic approach via content towards psyche-therapy. We stayed away from human imagery or talking about the problems and employed ‘Rorschach Patterns’ that give out positivity and soothe the troubled mind. The website is aimed to calm and educate the troubled soul and their loved ones and convince through content. Also given that people seek the content discreetly and the site gets maximum visitors through search, the site content was tailored to track back to high volume search queries along with responsive implementation for easy mobile access.


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